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Why I Got Started with Essential Oils
I wanted to find natural (and cheap) options to clean my home. My family was tired of smelling vinegar in the house, and I couldn’t stand the thought of shelling out a small fortune for organic and natural household cleaners.

I stumbled on essential oils as a natural way to clean my home, and I’ve never turned back.
Since then, I’ve learned that essentials oils can be used to make homemade bath and beauty products like deodorant, body lotion and facial serum – while saving me a lot of money. I’ve also found that essential oils help me to relax, sleep better, and boost my immune system. Yes, really.

And they can be used by the WHOLE family. I’ve got my entire family oily now, and share with my extended family and friends too. Essential oils are just so versatile.
Why Choose Young Living?
One of the most important things I’ve learned in my journey to healthy living is that it’s not just what something is – it’s where it comes from, how it’s grown, and how it’s processed. Just like we go to the farmers market to buy our food and want to know who grows our food, I wanted to know where my oils were coming from.

I did many hours of research to find an essential oil company that I felt I could trust with my family’s health. Young Living is that company.
They have been around for more than 20 years and the only essential oil company that owns farms all over the world (including France, Oman, Ecuador, and here in the U.S.) and oil distilleries. In fact, Gary Young, the founder of Young Living, built the first essential oil distillery in the U.S.

Their commitment to quality is called Seed to Seal. They have set the highest standards for planting, harvesting, and distilling on the farms they own and co-op. And best of all, you can see it first hand.

Young Living members are encouraged to visit the farms (I’ve been to four myself) to experience Seed to Seal.
Why Can’t I Just Buy Oils on Amazon or the Health Food Store?
The essential oils at the health food store are simply not the same quality as Young Living. Many have been adulterated with synthetic chemicals or contain cheap essential oils produced from crops with pesticides. Check the labels – they typically say not for “internal use” or “do not put directly on the skin”. 

I even challenge you to smell the difference. Peppermint, for instance, shouldn’t smell sweet or like candy. It should smell like a fresh-cut herb. When you compare Young Living’s Peppermint with another company – there’s simply no comparison.
And Amazon is no better, unfortunately. There are some imposter oils that are labeled Young Living, when actually they are diluted or replaced with fake oils. Yes, really. Young Living does NOT sell oils on Amazon. You can only get them direct from the company itself or through an independent distributor (like me).
Young Living Premium Starter Kit Most Affordable Option
Quality is important – that’s why I chose Young Living. But you know what? Price is too. And of all the essential oil companies out there, I found that Young Living is HANDS-DOWN the best and more affordable starter kit.
You can purchase Young Living therapeutic-grade essential oils in one of two ways: as a Wholesale Member or Retail Customer. I recommend buying Young Living essential oils by joining as a wholesale member. Why?

It’s the best deal. You’ll get to choose a starter kit at nearly half off retail prices AND you’ll get wholesale membership. Think of it like Costco, but way better. You’ll get 24% off retail prices for all future purchases. There are NO monthly minimums or fees.

And when you sign up with me, you’ll get personal support – by phone, email, text and FREE BONUS GIFT from me.
So why get a kit? It’s the best way to get started. Think of it like this… you’ve got more than salt and pepper in your spice cabinet right? Each spice has a different purpose. It’s the same with essential oils. 

The Premium Starter Kit is VERSATILE – you can use it for everything from skin care to wellness to cleaning to body care to sleep and even getting the kids to calm down before bed.

Here’s what you get INCLUDED in the Premium Starter Kit:
  •  Ten 5 ml bottles of essential oils: Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Frankincense, PanAway, Thieves, Citrus Fresh, Copaiba, Raven and DiGize. Plus a bonus bottle of the popular Stress Away blend.
  •  The dew drop diffuser (or you can upgrade diffuser styles for an additional fee)
  •  Aroma Glide roller fitment (to turn any oil into a roll-on)
  •  A sample packet of Thieves Household Cleaner – which can easily make 2-3 bottles (use just 1-2 tbsp in a large spray bottle and add water to dilute). It cleans better than any other natural cleaner out there
  •  Two NingXia Red 2 oz samples (an antioxidant drink concentrate that’s a great supplement for supporting health and wellbeing)
  •  Mini bottles and cards to share oil samples with friends and family
So that’s 11 bottles of essential oils (your oily basics) and a diffuser and other goodies. That’s the best deal out there. Plus, Young Living has the biggest selection of single oils, oil blends, and oil-infused products.
Premium Starter Kit with Rainstone Diffuser
Your Premium Starter Kit Includes:
  •  Rainstone™ Diffuser
  •  Premium Essential Oils Collection;
  •  Lavender 5-ml
  •  Peppermint Vitality™ 5-ml
  •  Lemon Vitality™ 5-ml 
  •  Copaiba Vitality™ 5-ml 
  •  Frankincense 5-ml 
  •  Thieves® Vitality™ 5-ml 
  •  Citrus Fresh™ 5-ml 
  •  Raven™ 5-ml 
  •  DiGize™ Vitality™ 5-ml 
  •  PanAway® 5-ml
  •  Stress Away™ 5-ml
  •  AromaGlide™ Roller Fitment 
  •  Thieves Household Cleaner 1-oz. sample 
  •  10 Love It? Share It! Sample Business Cards 
  •  10 Love It? Share It! Sample Oil Bottles 
  •  2 NingXia Red® 2-oz. samples 
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