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What’s a Crystal Healing Transformation Program?
This program runs for 4 and 12 weeks (sessions recorded)
Includes 1 weekly group coaching call.
We will be covering LOTS of material with massive releasing and LOTS of super cool challenges in between each of the weeks.

By doing this program in a group setting, you will save thousands off from my new rates. Slots are very limited and once we hit the number we can add you to a waiting list.

Some of whats covered Long distance Crystal Healing Sessions, a very powerful non touch energy healing technique.

I use very special healing crystals during the healing sessions, helping to get rid of anger, addictions and negative, thought forms.

I will come to you where ever you are at using long distance healing.
You may need healing for mental/emotional difficulties such as anxiety, fear, stress, phobia, addiction, or mental illness.

I use a special crystal for healing which is taught in a special Pranic Healing class.
The crystal more powerfully and efficiently removes the congested, blocked energy and also energizes faster and more powerfully. So I will be waving that around too!
All I need is a picture of you or the project that needs to able cleansed and blessed.

Receive very deep Energy Healing Sessions for physical, emotional, mental Purification.  

Or just receive a maintenance healing to feel better, I will deeply help cut all unauthorized energy links between you and people who might be draining your energy, Session are done by tuning into your energy and doing energy healing on you wherever you may be.

My specialty is stress and anxiety relief, utilizing the ancient techniques as well as the latest scientific research.

During energy healing session a lot of "emotional garbage" accumulated over many years will be released by the client, producing amazing effect of rejuvenation, deep peace and relaxation.

This is your chance to treat yourself to this energy hygiene delight and receive a complete energetic shower.

Purify yourself, flush old, dirty and used-up prana, remove old trends, cut negative connections that drain your energy, clean your aura, receive chakra cleansing and balancing. Then indulge yourself in the waterfall of fresh and revitalizing energy.

Pranic Facials
Receive these unique energy healing sessions to re-vitalize and tone your face and neck.

Restore the natural glow and radiance.
During the session, we remove stress-related energies that are deeply embedded into the facial tissue. Then we gently moisturize, tone and re-generate by applying pranic energy techniques. 

The treatment is done by a proficient advanced pranic healer with the use of a laser healing crystal.
With this treatment, you will not only look better but feel better too. In fact, every person may want to add the Pranic Facial Program to their present facial skincare regimen.

The Pranic Facial Program is a safe, simple alternative approach in the hope of achieving a wrinkle-free, stress-free and youthful looking face.

Materialization Service.
I will help you to super-charge your wish and remove obstacles on your path to your goals.

The service is performed in a non-injurious and loving way to everyone involved. We will help you to manifest what you are entitled to but had difficulties to attract.
Some examples of successful materialization include getting a job, financial healing, getting pregnant, obtaining a green card, buying a dream house, selling a house, get a raise at work, making an important business decisions.

I can also do energy purification on offices, houses, and companies or projects.
Many clients want to be protected with energy shielding techniques to protect against dirty energy and other people negative thought forms about you.
Learn to purify the chakras and aura of the body. 
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